What are the benefits of a freelance virtual assistant vs a traditional administrative assistant?


  • Reduce overhead costs – no holiday or sick pay, employee taxes, benefits, workers’ compensation, training costs, overtime or physical office space required

  • You pay only for the time it takes to complete the tasks – no busy work, no idle time

  • A virtual assistant takes over those tasks that don’t directly create an income, allowing you to be as productive as possible with income-generating work

  • Virtual Assistants are much better equipped to be results-driven as opposed to an employee who is often at the mercy of the clock.  We continually strive to maximize efficiency and productivity to best meet each and every one of our client's individual needs.

  • A virtual assistant will have skills that you don’t and have no time to learn – allowing you to utilize business benefits you wouldn’t otherwise have access to

  • Developing a relationship with a virtual assistant will allow consistency and reliability that a temporary employee would not give you

  • A virtual assistant is a cost-efficient business solution with no hidden expenses

  • The freedom to live your life while delegating business tasks to an industry knowledgeable third party that honestly understands that time spent on mundane tasks is time better spent doing what you do best















What can you expect in your professional relationship with Diverse Office Solutions?


  • Superior client service – we aren’t satisfied until you are

  • Integrity – we are committed to being up front, honest and putting your needs before our bottom line

  • Client Confidentiality – we will never sell, give or trade your information, your privacy is our top priority

  • Knowledge & continued learning – we are dedicated to bringing our skills and knowledge to the table for our clients and taking advantage of every learning opportunity

  • Time well spent – we strive always to provide our clients with efficient, timely completion of tasks given to our care

  • Peace of mind – you will receive professional, dependable support you can rely on

  • A person you can trust to be of like mind, someone who completely understands you, the nature of your business, and what it is you want and need in order for you and your business to both be successful and happy
















New Clients


All new clients are provided with a free, no obligation discovery call where we can discuss the needs of your business and provide you with a custom proposal that shows exactly what we can do to aid you in managing your business more easily and effectively - we can give you back valuable time in the saddle, kennel, or on the go!














Services & Packages

At Diverse Office Solutions we understand that our clients needs are unique and with that in mind we have created packages which allow the client to choose the services that are needed for their business. Custom packages are also available. Please call us to discuss designing the package that is right for you.

Every service package includes 2 30-minute check-in meetings each month.


Sapphire Package – Starting at $399 per month

Choose any three Level 1 services


Ruby Package – Starting at $699 per month

Choose any two Level 1 services and any two Level 2 services


Emerald Package – Starting at $1199 per month

Choose any two Level 1 services, any two Level 2 services and one Level 3 services


Diamond Package – Starting at $1999 per month

Choose any six services, any level


Level 1


Word processing

Online research

Travel planning/booking

Document creation

Spreadsheet & graph creation

Business card entry & follow up

Blog posting (content provided)

Social media posting (content provided)

Voice mail checking

Outbound calling


Level 2


Email management

Calendar management

Social media post creation & posting

Social media responding & commenting

Database management

Client retention & management

Newsletter distribution (content provided)

Facebook live support

Level 3


Website maintenance

Newsletter creation

Blog post creation & posting


Please Note


Prices may change based on client’s service needs.


Website Creation is a custom service, offered separately from client packages.  Please contact us for a personalized website quote.

Don't see what you need listed? Contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate!

Hourly prepaid retainer packages are also available.

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