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What's In a Name? 

I am beyond excited to announce that Diverse Office Solutions is being rebranded. When I started my business, the only thing I was certain of was that I did not want to do the same boring thing day in and day out. I wanted to do everything a typical admin assistant would do for anyone who needed my skills. Diverse Office Solutions was a logical choice for a name at that time. Three years into my journey I have become laser-focused. I know I want to work with amazing equine and canine focused entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and about nature. I want to use my talents, skills and knowledge to elevate my clients' businesses and make their dreams a reality. With this newfound clarity, my business going forward will be Full Stride Solutions. Why did I choose this name? First, it speaks to both the equestrian and dog sport clients that I work with. A horse or a dog in full stride, at the peak of their athleticism, is a beautiful thing. Second, the vision I have for my business is like a thoroughbred in full stride, completely focused on the finish wire. He is confident in his abilities, has the endurance, the heart and the courage to finish first and he never wavers from his goal. The final reason that came into play was what I want for my clients. In working with me, I want my clients to feel excited and confident. I want them to feel that they are moving effortlessly toward the life they truly want. I know there are great things ahead for Full Stride Solutions!

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